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Volunteer at the Library!

Do you want to help your local library and community? Volunteer at Dimmick Memorial Library or Penn Kidder! Just a few hours a week can help.

To apply to become a volunteer, fill out the application form below for your chosen location.

For Dimmick Applicants: Return your application to Dimmick Memorial Library or email it to

Penn Kidder Applicants: Return your application to Penn Kidder Library or email it to

A volunteer is not a replacement or substitute for paid staff, buts adds a new dimension to the services of the library. A library volunteer is a person who performs any assigned duty for the Dimmick Memorial Library, who chooses to use his or her time for the benefit of the library, receives no salary, and is a registered volunteer of the library.

All volunteers must be at least thirteen years of age unless the volunteer is a member of a group or a part of a volunteer family.
Click here for a full list of volunteer policies.
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